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Arpeggio is a team of computer scientists, biologists, and entrepreneurs using functional genomics to find new therapeutic targets for hard to treat diseases like cancer. We believe that building tomorrow’s medicines will require an integrated perspective that combines ideas and methods from disparate scientific fields. Our team and the work we do directly reflects this multidisciplinary approach.

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Ardeshir received his PhD from UNC Chapel Hill where he studied molecular dynamics of diseased proteins. He went on to do his postdoctoral fellowship at AstraZeneca and then worked as an investigator at Novartis. Ardeshir leads Arpeggio's computational chemistry efforts, bridging the gap between AI, biology, and medicinal chemistry.

Ardeshir Goliaei, PhD

Computational Chemist

Carter received his BA from the University of Southern Maine where he studied general biology. He went on to investigate novel synthetic lethality relationships in DNA damage and repair pathways with the D’Andrea Laboratory at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. At Arpeggio, Carter focuses on drug screening and model development.

Carter Grochala

Research Associate

Casey received his BS in Biochemistry & Biophysics from RPI and went on to work as an automation engineer at AmeriDrug Labs, Pfizer Oncology, and Hamilton Robotics. Casey manages Arpeggio's automated drug transcriptomic screening platform.

Casey Pham

Automation Engineer

Christy received her PhD in molecular and cell biology from Brown University. She is a computational biologist and an expert in RNA processing, genomics, and genetic disease. At Arpeggio, Christy develops and implements computational frameworks for analysis of custom, high-throughput transcriptomics datasets.

Christy Tesman, PhD

Computational Biologist

Cole received his BA in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado. He then investigated anesthetic drug discovery at the Anschutz Medical Campus. At Arpeggio, Cole works at the interface of drug screening, automation, and assay development.

Cole Liechty

Research Associate

Dave has over 20 years of experience running and managing molecular biology labs at Harvard Medical School, Martek Biosciences, and the University of Colorado. At Arpeggio, Dave connects lab operations to our drug discovery initiatives.

Dave Simpson

Lab Operations Manager

Jenna received her PhD from the University of Colorado where she focused on the mechanisms of RNA Pol II mediated transcription and collaborated with Syros Pharmaceuticals on a novel CDK7 inhibitor. At Arpeggio, Jenna focuses on target discovery and validation for transcriptional addiction mechanisms in cancer.

Jenna Rimel, PhD


Joey received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Colorado where he focused on the intersection of AI and cancer genomics. From this, Joey developed the founding IP for Arpeggio. After training at Merck and Forma Therapeutics, Joey founded Arpeggio with Laura and Tim. He was awarded Forbes 30-under-30 in 2020.

Joey Azofeifa, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

Laura received her BA in Psychology at the University of Nebraska. She went on to found and operate multiple companies while advising startups on rapid growth potential as a business operations consultant. Laura founded Arpeggio alongside Joey and Tim where she leads operations, financial management, and legal teams.

Laura Norris

COO & Co-founder

Leah received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado where she used microscopy and genomics to study the role of zinc in transcriptional regulation. Prior to grad school, Leah worked at MA General Hospital where she screened cancer cell lines to identify novel therapeutics. At Arpeggio, Leah focuses on scaling and automating drug screening efforts.

Leah Damon, PhD

Sr. Scientist

Nick received his BA in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz. After working as a medicinal chemist, Nick pivoted to building state of the art web applications deployed on cloud infrastructure using react and node javascript frameworks. Nick is Arpeggio’s full-stack engineer building software to process terabytes of genomics data.

Nick Lee

Full-stack Engineer

Riley received her MS in Molecular Biology from the University of Minnesota. She most recently worked on a mammalian cell biology team improving genome technology. At Arpeggio, Riley works on assay and model development for drug discovery.

Riley Lundblad, MS

Research Associate

Taylor received her MA in Rhetoric from San Diego State University where she studied the way scientists communicate their data. For almost 10 years Taylor ran an organic chemistry lab at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA. At Arpeggio, Taylor provides administrative and operational support for all employees.

Taylor Schwer

Administrative Manager

Richard received his PhD from the University of East Anglia (UK) where he studied disrupting protein-protein interactions. Richard previously worked on targets for oncology and rare diseases. At Arpeggio, Richard works on advancing hit compounds to leads for drug discovery.

Richard Steel, PhD

Sr. Medicinal Chemist

Tim received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado where he focused on mechanisms or eukaryotic transcription. After doing his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Med, Tim founded Arpeggio alongside Joey and Laura. Tim leads Arpeggio's transcriptomic drug screening efforts.

Tim Read, PhD

CTO & Co-founder

Reo received his MS in Bioengineering from UC San Diego where he studied computational biology. He has experience developing microscale cell screening technologies, and at Arpeggio, he works at the interface of molecular biology and data science.

Reo Yoo, MS

Research Associate


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