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Identifying the key drivers of disease is critical in developing more effective therapies. Arpeggio does this by sequencing the “functional” genome. Our automated workflow for nascent RNA sequencing and open chromatin profiling makes it easy to characterize cells at unprecedented resolution.

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Genomics generates massive amounts of data, making it a challenge to analyze and work with. Arpeggio has built software that automatically manages and processes genomics data using cutting-edge statistics and machine learning, all with the click of a button.

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A New Representation of Biology

Arpeggio is building a new map of the gene regulatory network. We’ve developed more sensitive transcriptomics assays and cutting-edge machine learning to understand biology at unprecedented resolution.

We’ve leveraged our functional genomics platform to identify a new biomarker for ferroptosis

Ferroptosis is a form of cell death that can be selectively activated in sarcomas. In a matter of months, we were able to analyze petabytes of data with our software and identify a lead compound with a 100nM EC50 in cell-based assays.

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