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Our high-throughput RNA sequencing drug screen identifies more potent and selective molecules against diseases like cancer, fibrosis, inflammation, and neurodegeneration.

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Intrinsic Medicine:
Drug Co-development

With Intrinsic Medicine, we’re systematically unlocking the therapeutic potential of oligosaccharides. With candidates selected from a unique evolutionarily selected and conserved library, this exciting new class of medicines has shown disease-modifying efficacy in multiple autoimmune and inflammation-related disease models with exceptionally clean toxicology. New biology of inflammation, cell modulation, and disease applications have been discovered by studying these candidates within the context of our functional genomics platform.

Treventis Corporation:
Target Discovery

Gain of function mutations in P53 drive cancerous cell growth, but little is known about their mechanism and how to develop new therapies to inhibit them. We’ve collaborated with the Treventis Corporation to apply our platform to mutant P53 cells. We’ve characterized new mutant P53 binding dynamics and a new therapeutic target for this specific cancer genotype.

Forma Therapeutics:
Drug Mechanism of Action

Our functional genomics platform can very quickly identify the mechanism of action of a compound. By looking at early changes in the transcriptome, we can find the primary response to any compound and machine learning can reverse engineer in many cases the target of that drug. With Forma Therapeutics, we defined a clearer understanding of the translational utility of its small molecule pipeline of therapeutics targeting cancer and other serious diseases.

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