Boulder, CO
Full Time

Senior Medicinal Chemist

At Arpeggio we are focused on the discovery of therapeutics designed to treat transcriptionally-driven diseases. To do so, we develop and utilize proprietary high-throughput phenotypic screening strategies including those designed to measure compounds’ effects on entire cellular transcriptomes. We are experts in genomics, machine learning, drug discovery, and business development and have the vision to transform the way we approach drug and therapy development.

We are seeking a highly motivated medicinal chemist and drug hunter to inspire a team of chemists and biologists to help evolve our discovery platform, optimize and advance novel molecules into clinical development, and contribute to our emerging portfolio of transformative medicines in oncology and beyond. Initially, the successful candidate will design and curate innovative small molecule libraries for our high throughput screens and identify novel structure-activity-relationships (SAR) based on distinct changes in diseased transcriptomes. Additionally, you will oversee the progression of promising small molecule ‘Hits’ through Lead optimization and Development Candidate selection. A successful candidate will collaborate with our internal in vitro and in vivo biologists, computer scientists, and business development teams while managing external CROs and FTEs to develop next generation small molecule therapeutics.

Job Responsibilities

-Design and curate innovative small molecule libraries for our high-throughput transcriptomics platform

-Identify and characterize novel SAR using transcriptome analysis and other rational drug discovery strategies

-As a Discovery Program Leader, progress screening Hits into Lead Optimization and towards IND-enabling studies

-Manage relevant CROs and lead a team of discovery chemists

Job Requirements

-PhD in related discipline (e.g., medicinal chemistry, chemical biology) and 10+ years of relevant experience in the pharmaceutical or biotech industries or equivalent

-Extensive working knowledge of modern medicinal chemistry and drug discovery techniques (e.g., HTS techniques, structure-based drug design, computational chemistry, optimization of bioactivity/physicochemical/ADME properties, PK/PD)

-Experience in fragment-based drug discovery, PPIs and targeted protein degradation desired

-Extensive project leadership experience bringing interdisciplinary teams into Lead Optimization and through selection of Development Candidates

-Ability to effectively communicate with and manage CROs, external vendors and collaborators in support of research and development

-Ability to manage an IP team to create and execute strategies to establish, protect and expand intellectual property

-Prolific record of patents and publications

-Excellent written and oral communication skills with a deep passion for transformative science and delivering the next generation of therapeutics to patients in need

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