Boulder, CO
Full Time

Principal Scientist

We are seeking a Principal Scientist/Investigator to support expansion of the company’s operations. The role will be principally focused on oncology drug discovery and translational research of novel small molecule therapeutics. The candidate will work within a very collaborative and fast-paced team to design, implement, and interpret preclinical and translational research to advance drug programs in the field of oncology. Our ideal candidate will have a strong background in cancer cell biology/genetics, molecular biology, cell signaling, and in vitro/in vivo pharmacology. The successful candidate will use traditional and state-of-the-art approaches to help identify and progress chemical starting points, understand mechanisms of action and resistance, and identify biomarkers in translatable models of cancer.

Job Responsibilities

- Identify and establish key assays for the evaluation of target engagement, pathway modulation, and mechanisms of action supporting the rapid development of Arpeggio pipeline drug candidates

- Play a key leadership role in small molecule drug discovery programs from their inception to clinical candidate selection

- Work with an extensive network of CROs in design, analysis, and interpretation of key experimental data to enable target ID and validation, hit-to-lead optimization, and clinical candidate selection

- Preparation of scientific reports for regulatory filings and external communication (e.g., INDs, abstracts, manuscripts, and oral presentations)

Job Requirements

- Applicants should hold a MSc, Ph.D., or equivalent experience in cancer biology, pharmacology, or a related discipline

- The successful candidate should have at least 10 years postgraduate experience with at least 5 years of experience in pre-clinical research leading teams and drug discovery programs in a large pharmaceutical or biotech setting

- Expertise in small molecule oncology drug discovery, with a demonstrated record of achievements resulting in development candidate nomination through IND-enabling studies

- Extensive experience with a broad array of cellular and molecular tools, in vitro assays, and in vivo tumor models for the study of cancer biology and genetics/genomics

- Experience establishing and managing collaborative alliances among academic, industry partners, and CROs

- Excellent leadership skills and awareness including mentoring, budget management and planning, prioritization, and timeline management

- A strong track record of accomplishments (including literature publications) demonstrating technical proficiency, independent thinking, and scientific creativity

- Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills are essential in this collaborative work environment

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