Boulder, CO
Full Time

Full Stack Software Engineer

Arpeggio is making more effective cancer therapies with machine learning, automated lab robotics, and high throughput functional genomics. Our technology is based on new developments in RNA sequencing coupled to powerful machine learning that gives an unprecedented look at how a potential drug affects disease biology. With over $20M in venture funding, Arpeggio partners with many large companies like Pfizer and J&J and is actively developing a series of small molecule therapies for drug resistant cancers. We are experts in genomics, machine learning, drug discovery, and business development and are changing how we make medicine.

Arpeggio is seeking an experienced software engineer who can help build and maintain our drug discovery and lab automations data portal. You will interface significantly with experts in lab automation, chemistry, biology and machine learning. As one of our founding software engineers, you will need to be extremely flexible and build fast, but well-organized, software to help us further our pipeline of therapeutic products.

Job Responsibilities

- Passionate, hardworking, autonomous, and kind

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering

- 6-10 Years industry experience

- Proficient in Front-End Development: Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, D3.js

- Proficient in Back-End Development: designing and maintaining databases like MySQL/Postgres and deployment on cloud

- Proficient in RESTFUL API and middleware architectures such as Python Flask 

- Proficient with software deployment on cloud (AWS or GCP)

Job Requirements

- Experience with Docker

- Experience with Git

- Experience in AWS or related cloud-computing technologies

- Familiarity with scripting in Bash

- Familiarity with genomics and chemistry data is recommended but not required.

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