Boulder, CO
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Arpeggio is a drug discovery company using genome-wide transcriptional profiling and internally-developed machine learning strategies to prioritize compounds for development. We are currently adapting our platform for high-throughput screening and generating a novel data type capable of defining the biological mechanism of action of thousands of compounds simultaneously. We are seeking an experienced bioinformatician to develop robust computational analysis workflows for this new data type as well as other types of functional genomics data.

Job Responsibilities

In this position, you will work alongside molecular biologists to design novel analysis pipelines for a variety of genomics data types. Experience with analysis of such data types as RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, or similar is required. Additional familiarity with functional genomics data analysis (CRISPR-screening, shRNA screening) is preferred. Familiarity with more niche data types such as nascent RNA sequencing or DRUG-seq is preferred, but not necessary.

Salary: $80,000 - $120,000 a year

Job Requirements

  • PhD in Computer Science or Computational Biology
  • 2-3 years industry or postdoctoral experience
  • Proficient in scripting language (e.g. Python or R)
  • Expertise with routine bioinformatic pipelines and NGS data analysis (e.g. sequencing alignment, QC, differential gene expression analysis, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis, etc.)
  • Expertise in statistical analysis and multivariate statistics
  • Expertise in data visualization
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms (e.g. generative clustering models, neural networks, SVMs, random forests, etc)

About Arpeggio Bio

Arpeggio is a team of 9 full time employees that are passionate about discovering drugs for a variety of diseases, including cancer. We develop high-throughput technologies to better understand how drugs work in complex biological systems with the ultimate goal of developing small molecules into clinical candidates.

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