We're changing
the way you look
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Generating genomics data is only half the battle. Arpeggio provides a powerful set of software tools to make statistical analysis easy.

Our cloud-based web software provides an end-to-end solution for genomic analysis

We make it easy to analyze thousands of datasets with drag-and-drop features, explore live graphics, and apply advanced machine learning to identify critical nodes in gene regulatory networks.

Project Management for
Large-Scale NGS

Sharing and analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing data is cumbersome because each file can be gigabytes large. We’ve solved this problem by developing genomics software that integrates directly with AWS S3. Our users can share, analyze, and store petabytes of data with ease.

Live Genomic Graphics

Due to its size, visualizing NGS data has traditionally meant looking at static images. We’ve developed dynamic, interactive visualization techniques that give our users the power to explore their data in intuitive and insightful ways.

Non-coding Differential
Expression Analysis

2% of our genome codes for a protein, while the other 98% controls which parts are active. Where standard bioinformatics workflows have ignored this 98%, we’ve built a new genomic indexing schema that makes exploring the non-coding genome fast and easy. This enables differential expression analysis not just on protein-coding regions, but also open chromatin sites, putative enhancers, and insulators.

Arpeggio Labs

We specialize in functional biology

Navigating complex biology requires input from many different assays. Our team includes world experts in functional genomics assay development and optimization.

Genomics Lab

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